Review: Webroot Security Solution

Protect your network the smart way

Webroot Endpoint Protection Solution wholly differs from traditional signature-based security products and hybrid products that combine a signature-based approach with cloud-based heuristics. The product is very lightweight (700kb client) and has no virus definitions so the footprint on the endpoints is very small (around 20mb fully installed).

The solution offers a dynamic approach to malware protection. It brings together Webroot’s innovative file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition technology, with the almost limitless power of cloud computing, to stop known threats and prevent unknown zero-day attacks more effectively than anything else. Bringing on board the world’s lightest and fastest endpoint security agent, scans are superfast and they never slow end-users down.

When malware sometimes infiltrate undetected and then lie in wait, monitoring the environment before it activates, and tries to change the system registry, Webroot springs into action. And, because detection is truly real-time it is always up-to-date, and provides protection against all the latest threats and attacks without any of the hassles of managing daily signature or definition file updates.

Offline Security Watch

Webroot installs enough code at the endpoint so that it can protect the machine when it is offline. The offline mode keep tracks of any changes made to a computer by unknown applications so that when next you go online, it can undo any malicious modifications if you realise that while the machine was offline a piece of Malware had made changes to the computer.

It continues to monitor operating system activity in the absence of an internet connection so that it can take out any file acting suspiciously or roll the system back if malware has compromised it. It also continues to protect the endpoint while it is offline in case threats appear from local USB, CD or DVD sources.

Advanced Features

  • No management server to deploy: Webroot is fully hosted in Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure.
  • No more definition files to update: Webroot is the only security solution using 100% cloud intelligence to detect and protect against the latest threats
  • No more client updates: Webroot client is kept up to date automatically by the console – no manual client updates out of hours.
  • Perfect clean up routines: Webroot keeps track of changes made by unknown applications in a change journal to provide you with a perfect clean-up routine even with unknown Malware.
  • New customer account creation in seconds: Managing multiple customers from one console makes security as a service very easy – Webroot has MSPs managing thousands of clients with their solution.
  • Fully automated remote support: Support queries logged with full diagnostic information with just a few clicks of the mouse

Why You Should Buy?
Webroot has succeeded in creating a product that requires fewer resources to run than most of its competitors. Commitment to the cloud is a radical step over prevailing hybrid approaches.

The solution transfers a very small amount of data to and from the cloud, using cloud intel which is updated in real time, so as soon as a virus in detected in Russia, immediately customers in Nigeria are protected against that virus.

Its cloud-based threat intelligence services, mobile security, secure web gateway, and IoT cybersecurity protects PCs, Mac computers, and mobile devices wherever you connect to the internet and when offline.

Nigerian Partners
Webroot Security Solution is distributed in Nigeria by EthnosIT, a security solution firm that offers state-of-the-art solution in information systems security. Their services focus on products, service and training. With these, they are committed to supporting organisations as they face growing and rapidly evolving set of security threats including, cybercrime, workforce mobility and data breaches.



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