Remix Mini, World’s First Android PC Berths in Nigeria

The world’s first Android PC, Remix Mini produced by Jide Technology, is now officially available in Nigeria. The Remix Mini runs on the Remix operating system (OS) which is a productivity-focused version of Android.

Jide Technology Co-founder, David Ko, Remix OS pushes the boundaries of mobile computing to empower its users to work and play seamlessly on the same device, optimised for today’s user habits, regardless of which computer platform you are coming from. Thus, it is pioneering productive computing on Android, which remains the most used mobile operating system in Nigeria, with more than 80% market share.

“The Remix Mini pushes the boundaries of Android by improving productivity for today’s ‘knowledge worker’, democratising access to information for students and leveling the global business playing field for entrepreneurs. Its energy efficiency brings 95% savings in electricity, particularly important during a period of frequent power blackouts”.

The Remix Mini, sold at N8,000 brings together the experience and functionality of a desktop computer with access to the entire ecosystem of 1.6 million Android apps. For anyone with a TV screen, a keyboard and mouse, the Remix Mini can be plugged in and played via HDMI port.



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