Ntel, Nigeria’s 5th Mobile Network Begins Operation

Ntel, Nigeria’s fifth mobile network operator, has started operations with the commercial launch of its service in Lagos and Abuja.

Mr. Kumar Abass, CEO, ntel said the operation will come with bumper offers for early bird pioneers and data users adding that customers would be able to buy and use their services in clusters across Lagos and Abuja from sales outlets, and agents featuring their bright new brand name’ ntel’.

ntel, Nigeria’s 5th mobile network operator start of operation is the culmination of its journey from acquiring the old Nitel/Mtel assets. The first 100,000 to redeem and activate their ntel SIMs will get free on-net calls for life, while data subscribers will get 3-months unlimited data usage.”

Abass stated that the company’s 4G/LTE-Advanced technology built on the 900/1800 MHz spectrum would deliver unbeatable and game changing customer experience of high-speed internet access up to 230Mbps.



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