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Monorover R2 – Perfect scooter for those who want more speed

This hoverboard goes in the fast lane. The MonoRover R2 (N120,000) is a speedy, slightly twitchy two-wheeled self-balancing scooter.

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The MonoRover R2 weighs about 10kg and is 23 inches wide. It comes in four colours: black, blue, red, or white. You turn the scooter on by pressing a button on the back, and it beeps. There are two status lights on the top. The light that indicates the scooter is on says DAT for some inexplicable reason; the other light indicates battery status. The battery light remains green until the rover has about half a mile of travel left, at which point it turns red.

Kids will find these scooters easier to use than adults because they are smaller and lighter. The MonoRover R2 is a great purchase no matter who is going to be using it. While the R2 has a steeper learning curve than other similar scooters, children and adults alike will soon be zipping around with unrivaled control. With the increased skill needed to master the scooter comes increased handling and control, leading to safer rides.

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Bright blue LED lights light up the road in front or behind of the user, depending on how they face the scooter. The lights contrast or compliment the colour of the scooter chosen in the most eye catching way possible.

The R2 offers a unique design that allows the user to spin in a 360 degree circle on the spot. This control is unmatched and really excels in tight places, such as hallways in a house.



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