Adebunmi Adeniran

Nigerian Invents Keyboard in Local Languages

A United Kingdom based Nigerian, Adebunmi Adeniran, has developed a keyboard to support and enable writing in at least 12 Nigerian languages, with correct signs and tones to give instant meaning to the reader. The Keyboard, known as “Nailangs”, according to her, was conceived as a result of her zeal to ensure that Nigerian local languages are learned with ease so as to prevent the languages from going into extinction.

Adeniran stressed that the invention was a product of a long and thorough research, which came out of her love for languages, “The concept for Nailangs started out of the desire to find a good working and stress free Yoruba keyboard to type in as using the characters in ‘insert’ mode was like living in the ice age!’.

With Nailangs keyboard, there is no need to switch from one computer to another because once it is downloaded, one is able to type in English and it can be made a bilingual due to the nature of Nigerians who mostly speak more than a language. With the key, one is able to type the three official languages, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba and other six recognised languages which are Effic, Idoma, Hausa/Fulani, Tiv, among others.”

Nailangs keyboard, which is virtual, is available on all platforms such as Google Playstore, iOS store and Window (Desktop) for downloads.



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