Hardware Rev (Samsung Galaxy View) 2

Samsung Galaxy View

Bridges the gap between a tablet and TV

Hardware Rev (Samsung Galaxy View) 1

Rating: 7.5/10
Price: N120,000


Bigger than a laptop, but smaller than a TV, the Samsung Galaxy View is a new type of tablet hybrid – part TV, part tablet – that suits anyone who watches a lot of video and either lives in a small place, or would like a supplementary screen for using around the house.

This huge 18.4-incher fits into TV territory with a main screen dedicated to popular streaming sites such as Netflix. It is not exactly a mini-smart TV, since there is no ethernet or HDMI port, and it does not come with a remote or a keyboard, but it has full Android capabilities and access to all of the apps in the Google Play Store.

Samsung behemoth’s design features a useful built-in kickstand with a handle, to easily move it from room to room, a micro-SD card slot and a SIM card slot for Internet on the go. The downside is the flimsy and cheap plastic construction of its built-in kickstand, the lack of an HDMI port and the weak speakers.

Why use a tablet instead of a TV? For the same reason one would choose a tablet over a laptop; it is simply a conveniently portable option. So, if you are low on space, but not on cash, the Samsung Galaxy View is a unique option that might fit your needs.

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