Hardware Rev (Microsoft Xbox One) 1

Microsoft Xbox One

Luxury gaming and customisation

Rating: 8/10
Price: 100,000

Hardware Rev (Microsoft Xbox One) 3

A lot has been fine-tuned under the Xbox One’s hood – particularly the firmware’s functionality. A massive interface update dubbed the “New Xbox One Experience” has improved some of the dashboard’s logistics and aesthetics.
Overall, Xbox One is home to the best exclusives of the 2015 holiday season as it offers a growing library of third-party games – mainstays such as the Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Madden series, as well as newer titles such as Fallout 4 and Rainbow Six Siege.

The system also double as full-service entertainment systems, with built-in Blu-ray players and streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

Hardware Rev (Microsoft Xbox One) 2




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