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Russia: Parliament Approves Internet Privacy Bill

Russia’s parliament gave its final approval to a law that would require Internet search engines to remove users’ personal information from their results. The bill seeks to emulate European Union rules on the “right to be forgotten”, under which search engines must take down certain results that appear under a search of a person’s name.

Under the new Russian legislation, Internet users will have the right to request the removal of information that is incorrect or “no longer relevant because of subsequent events or actions”.

The regulation, which now needs to be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, has been criticised by Russian web companies who are concerned about balancing rights to personal privacy against the freedom of information. “We believe that control over dissemination of information should not restrict free access to public data. It should not upset the balance of personal and public interests,” said Russia’s biggest search engine, Yandex (

After discussing the draft with search engine providers, the parliament approved some minor changes to the bill, Yandex added. Users will now need to provide specific references to the web pages they wanted deleting and web companies will have 10 days to comply with the request.



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