Google Play Music

Listen to your music everywhere you go

Google music is an online radio store from which you can buy single tracks and complete albums, then stream or download the said files to any android smartphones. Android tablet, or Windows, Linux or Mac PC or laptop for playback anytime, anywhere. Google automatically pairs digital audio files bought elsewhere or ripped from CD with those on its own servers, making available on any device, your entire music collection. You can store up to 20,000 tracks (maximum file size 250MB) in Google Music for free.

A separate Music Manager utility is used to upload tracks to Google Music from a PC or Mac. All versions support MP3, but only the Windows program can handle WMA. AAC, Ogg and Flac files are transcoded to 320kbps MP3, but there is no support for Apple Lossless audio. Some neat functionality includes Instant Mix, which lets you rediscover long-forgotten tracks in a mammoth music collection, and music recommendations that are based, not only on the tracks you buy, but those you listen to. Plus you can share via Google+ full versions of the music you buy, and YouTube videos of other tracks.